Look at who you might have run into on Wassail Day in Stroud on Saturday 11th January. Latest pictures at the foot of this page.

The Broad

It’s an Ox… a very badly behaved one. Most Gloucestershire Wassail songs feature the “Ox”.

The Bowl

Traditionally decorated with greenery, the Wassail Bowl is often used to collect money. According to the song, the Stroud Wassail Bowl should be made out of a “Mappelin Tree”

Master of the House

The master of the house is the one who we hope will reward us with beer and cake…  Normally played by our Mayor.

The ‘Oss

Winner of the Naughtiest Horse in Show award, the ‘Oss is a traditional form of transport for one of the Stroud Wassailer’s characters. Please do not feed!

Tom Long

Stand and deliver!  Another Stroud Wassailers character. Allegedly Tom was a highwayman who was hung on Minchinhampton Common. Also thought to be a serial fly tipper.

Edwin Budding

Our famous local inventor of the lawn mower and the adjustable spanner.   Immortalised as a brand of beer from Stroud Brewery.

Dr New Age Stroudie

A dispenser of various potions and cures. It is not completely certain that she has ever actually cured anyone of anything. But she keeps trying…


Stroud Wassail 2020


Some brilliant pictures from Tom Harrison taken at the Wassail on Saturday the 11th.