There's no excuse to not joining in with these two brilliant wassail songs

Stroud Wassail (Trad)

Waysail, Waysail all over the town

Our bread it is white and our ale it is brown

Our bowl it is made from some mappelin tree

With my waysailing bowl I drink to thee


Come butler come fill us a bowl of the best

We hope that thy soul in heaven may rest

But if ye should fill us a bowl of the small

Then down tumbles butler, bowl and all.


Here’s to the master and to his right eye.

May God send our master a good Christmas pie

A good Christmas pie as we may all see

And a waysailing bowl we drink to thee.


Here’s to our master and to our dame

We hope as next year they’ll sarve us the same

Sarve us the same as we may all see.

So the waysailing bowl we’ll empt unto thee.


Five Valleys Wassail (J. Coppin)

Chorus:  Wassail and wassa-il  we knock on your door

Good health to the rich and good health to the poor

Good luck to your family and friends all   a-round

Wassail and wassa-il all over the town.


Here's to the landlords and landladies too,

Behind every door there's a welcome for you;

There by the fireside we'll gather within

to raise up a glass as the season begins


CH: Wassail and wassa-il etc..


Here's to the artists and makers of sound,

To the writers and dancers wherever they're found

Here's to the market and here's to the stalls 

And here's to the farmers and shopkeepers all;

CH: Wassail and wassa-il etc..

Here's to Five Valleys, carved out of these hills,

The rivers, the railway, the canal and the mills;

Here's to the houses and homes far and near

Wherever you live have a happy New Year.

CH: Wassail and wassa-il etc..

Here's to our family, and here's to our friends,

Good health and good tidings to you we will send

So let's drink a toast to the people we know, 

May they always be with us wherever we go.

CH: Wassail and wassa-il etc..


Detail of drawing from Alison Merry


Stroud Wassail 2020