The central message of the Stroud Wassail is for us all to wish good health and good luck to all of our neighbours and family.   We want to entertain each other and enjoy each other’s company for day.   It should be the most fun that you can have in January without leaving the country.


Overall our aims are to:


  • Enhance community spirit

  • Boost local trade

  • Provide support for local charities

  • Help the community to re-engage with its culture

  • But mostly to help us all have a good time in the middle of the most miserable month of the year….

In addition to having fun we are pleased to support local charities in particular Open House and the local Stroud Food Bank

We also like so support local businesses as much as possible, our brilliant branded mugs are made for us by the National Star Centre in Cheltenham and the super illustrations on them are by Alison Merry. 

This website is put together by this bloke.

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